The 9 Best Visa Credit Cards to Use in 2018

Visa is one of the four major US credit card processing networks. Visa credit cards are among the most accepted credit cards in the world. When Visa credit cards are issued by various credit card issuers, each visa credit card offers some benefits, including emergency card replacement and emergency cash delivery, auto accident discounts, disclaimer and assistance along the road.

Visa credit cards provide other benefits based on credit card issuers. Some trips are awarded, while other cash bonuses or zero-percent initial announcements also deliver interest rates. In this way we should look for the best Visa credit card. Get your a visa credit card with card generator.

01 Best Best: Chase coconut favorites
Chase Azure Favorites
Chase courtesy

Chase Sfair Favorites gives you the opportunity to earn 50,000 bonus points if you spend $ 4,000 on purchasing within three months of opening an account. If you also use Chase Ultimate Reward Booking to redeem your awards, the bonus is at $ 625.

You give two points for each dollar you spend on travel, and you’re at a restaurant and you’re at a point of dollar spent on it. You can redeem your fare for rent, hotel, car rental and cruise. If you use the Chase Ultimate Prize to redeem, then your rewards are always 25 percent higher.

Important Price: Regular APR is between 17.99 and 24.99 percent. In the first year, the annual fee of $ 95 USD was waived.
02 Best Flatrate Price: Chase Freedom Unlimited
Chase freedom unlimited
Chase courtesy

Regular Chess Freedom earns only 5% of a quarter, which is $ 500 per month. If you spend a lot or want a less complex prize, Chase Freedom Unlimited is a better choice.

Automatically gets 1.5% cashback when you make a purchase. There are no categories to activate and you do not need to change your costs to maximize your reward.

After spending $ 500 on purchases within three months of opening an account, new cardholders will be eligible for a $ 150 sign-up bonus.

Benefit from zero-percent APR on purchase and bank transfer during the first 15 months of opening the account.

Important Price: Regular annual interest rate is between 16.99 and 25.74 percent after the initial installment has expired. There are no annual fees.
03 Best Travel: Bank of America Travel Awards Credit Cards
Bank of America Travel Time
Courtesy of Bank of America

New cardholders can earn 25,000 bonus points if they spend at least $ 1,000 on credit card purchases within 90 days of opening their account. Sign-up bonus can be redeemed to purchase travel credits of $ 250.

For every dollar you spend on the purchase, you get unlimited 1.5 points. If you are already a Bank of America customer, you can earn extra points. For example, if you have an active check or savings account with Bank of America, you will receive 10% consumer bonus on all purchases. And if you’re a Bank of America preferred client, the bonus goes up to 75%.

For purchase, you will receive the first initial APR for the first 12 billing cycle.

Important Value: After the initial interest rate, the regular annual interest rate is between 16.99 and 24.99 percent. There are no annual fees.
04 Best Price Bonus: Chase Freedom
Chase Freedom
Chase courtesy

Chase Freedom offered a $ 150 bonus after spending $ 500 on purchases three months before opening the account.

In each quarter, you can earn 5% of cash up to $ 1,500 for a joint purchase in bonus categories. You must activate bonus categories for a bonus rate of up to 5%. All other purchases get one percent cash back. You can redeem the prize at any amount and your refund does not end unless your account is open and there is a good reputation.

Before you open an account for shopping and balance transfer, you will receive the first initial APR for 15. The balance transfer amount is calculated for 5% of the amount transferred or 5% of the highest amount.

Important Price: At the end of the first term, a regular APR of 16.99 to 25.74 percent is applicable. There are no annual fees.

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